Considering Community

March 8, 2012
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It is a super awesome show and everyone should be watching it! The cast is diverse and all are good at times and bad at times, but always likeable. Plus it’s one of the few shows on air with a writing staff that’s half female and it shows.


Considering Protagonists

March 1, 2012
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I’ve been talking to a (male, black) friend recently about the problems with how video games (and comic books, more his area of expertise) are made and marketed these days. The problem largely revolves around the fact that the default protagonist who goes through stories is a white man. We came to the conclusion that deviating from that standard is something that people seem to think they need a reason to do, as opposed to the fact that sometimes maybe an Asian woman or an Indian man is the soldier that turns the tide of war/rescues the royalty/etc. Hence stories that end up revolving around the character’s race/gender.


Considering Music

February 23, 2012
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There exists a distant planet with a race similar enough to humans. At their night they look up to see a star brighter than all others. Scientists work hard to uncover that it is not a giant ball of gas, but instead my love for the music of Florence + the Machine.

Discovered recordings of her singing live on the radio today.

(In other news, term progresses. Spent time working on personal projects in labs and bemoaning their scanners that cannot seem to recognize paper as white.)

Considering Art, pt II

February 16, 2012
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My bed still has paper shaving all over it. Anyone who tries to assert that the projects of an art major are quick and easy is severely misinformed. I’ve now had enough glue on my fingers to make a model town.

Considering Art

February 9, 2012
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I’ve had to spend more and more time working on homework compared to high school and last term. Surprisingly, I don’t mind. Lots of it is art, both physical and digital. I’m in the mindset now that it hardly even feels like work, and I walk away satisfied. The work I’m being asked to make isn’t my usual but I like the chance to try something new.

It’s a nice feeling that affirms my choice to be here.

Considering the Winter Term

February 2, 2012
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We’re approaching the halfway mark far too swiftly. It seems like only last week I was rolling back into my dorm. Overall, I’d have to say this term has been more difficult than the one before it. Bigger course load, busier Cassie. Also putting all my classes Tues-Thurs means those days kinda suck.

But, eh, what can you do but ramble on?

Considering Layton

January 26, 2012
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Being relatively cheap means that buying games new is something unusual.  Sure, sometimes I’ll splurge on the hottest release (my Mass Effect 3 preorder has been there since June) but most of the time I’ll wait until the price goes down a few notches, catching up on the classics of xbox 360 I wasn’t around for.

The Professor Layton series, all starting with “Professor Layton and the…” are my exception.  If I find another one has hit American shores (we have 4/6 of the games but no word on the movie or books) I buy it.  Sure, it may seem a little silly, a girl addicted to her puzzles, but it’s more than that.

One of my favorite parts of the series is its charm.  It’s not just about the puzzles, it’s about the ridiculous villagers handing out them, each with their own quirk.  The technology that is the same time impossible futuristic and settled nicely in the Victorian age.  It’s even about the fact that the games inevitably have some plot twist that is completely ridiculous.  (When I say that, I mean that there’s one game which I’m still trying to figure out how much/if it’s a hallucination.  Yeah.)

Games with such a charming, thought out world are just the thing to draw people in.

A Brief Introduction

January 18, 2012
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Hello internet! So begins my blog, I suppose. I’m Cassie (current blog url’s a nickname until I think up something better), a freshman attending school on the east coast. My major is game art and production, which means I’m angling to make video games when I graduate. Hopefully I’ll become a concept artist or somesuch. In the meantime, I’m just another blogging art student.

I’ve been playing video games since my father brought home a Nintendo 64. I’ve played mostly role playing games (post-graduation may find me standing at the doors to Bioware’s offices yelling until they give me a job, Canadian weather or no) but I admit a slight addiction to puzzles as well (Professor Layton, anyone?).

Sometimes I over-think things, and sometimes those things make it into a text box. Not really planning ahead, though.