And then what happens? | November 12, 2012

Praise, Accelerator, Problematic

Possible Titles:

  • The Problematic Acceleration of Praise
  • The Problematic Accelerator of Praise
  • Accelerating Praise Problematically
  • Problematic Praising of Acceleration
  • Acceleration’s Problems and Praise
  • Covering the Problem of the Praise of Acceleration
  • The Accelerating Praise in Problems
  • A Praising of Acceleration and its Problems
  • An Accelerating Praise of Problems

Possible opening lines for Acceleration’s Problems and Praise:

  • I’ve always found it difficult to deal with complements, which made my ascent to internet fame particularly traumatizing.
  • Moving forward, we can only wish to have a little of our knowledge gained from yesterday.
  • It was free-fall, literally and figuratively.
  • I’m not much for philosophy, but there’s something about plummeting from sixty stories up that’ll inspire someone to think.
  • Well here we are.  Me, with sixty stories to fall and you to poke about in my brain.  It’ll be peachy.
  • Where did it all go wrong?  Not ever counting falling off the building, it was wrong long before then.
  • As the fence broke and I tipped over the edge, I suddenly developed a penchant for philosophy.

A journey to the center of the mind game, taking place as the person falls off a building and flashes back on their life.


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