Random Objects | November 5, 2012

  • vitamins
  • ducks
  • wolves
  • lights
  • monitor
  • wrapper
  • candy
  • phone
  • sunglasses
  • teacups
  • microphone
  • pencils
  • moon
  • tickets
  • basket
  • dancing shoes
  • fire alarm
  • pin-on button
  • apple
  • dragon

New Mixes

  • Phone + fire alarm: phone/laptop app that sends off an alarm if the phone’s temperature gets too high
  • Ticket + moon: tickets that look like a full moon.  When you enter the event, they get torn so the remaining part looks like a crescent moon
  • Vitamins + dragon: vitamins shaped like canines, advertised as “dragons teeth”
  • Duck + basket: woven basket in the shape of a sleeping duck, with its head and feet somewhat tucked in
  • Lights + pencil: eraser attachment of a small light,to angled down to the writing surface.
  • Pin-on button + monitor: computer widget that lets you change your icons to buttons that are pinned on your backdrop
  • Wolves + dancing shoes: shoes with traction pads on the bottom that are spaced to resemble a wolf’s foot, small definition around the toes
  • Apple + wrapper: food that has been dipped in something hard and edible.  you can either wash it off and eat the wrapper, or peel it away
  • Candy + microphone: candy that resonates in your mouth and makes your voice louder

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