The perfect world | November 3, 2012

My perfect world would be a complex thing.

  • No observers.

I would certainly want to work without people standing over my shoulders.  But I wouldn’t want to work completely alone.  In an ideal situation my work would be solitary until such time when I reached trouble, at which point there would be trusted individuals I could reach out to for advice.

  • All the time in the world.

This would actually be something of a problem for me.  I found lots of my work ends up in the floating realm of “someday,” put into a later day that doesn’t come.  Deadlines motivate me to move.  Sometimes I misjudge and the final project suffers, but putting out something is better than nothing.  The best deadlines are the step by step ones, rather than lumping everything together with a distant date.

  • Your only goal is to try new things.

This is, at times, paralyzing in its simplicity.  Though sometimes inspiration strikes, prompts and guides have been very helpful in the past to develop ideas I would not have otherwise.

  • No fear of failure.

Though it’s a nice ideal, it’s something I fear is impossible for me.

  • No obligation other than to try.

Unlike the previous ides that I have amended, this is something that I simply need.  Adding obligations and promises, especially to other people, simply stresses me out.

Though I’ve never achieved the truly ideal situation, I’ve learned to work around problems such as people, and my own personal fear.

Still, I’m pretty far off from achieving my perfect world.


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