The backwards day | November 3, 2012

It all started when I woke up early.  On purpose.

Well, not too early.  But when my roommate got up for her 9:00 class Thursday morning, I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower, as opposed to catching a few more hours of sleep.

Breakfast actually happened.  Instead of the usual scarfing of a doughnut while I ran off to work, or simple putting off of meal until it could only reasonably be called lunch, I made myself some pasta.  I couldn’t eat too much, though.  Though I love pasta, I simply wasn’t that hungry.  No matter, it’s something that can easily be saved for another meal.

At a loss for things to do until my 330 class, and with no deadlines that felt immediate enough to force me to urbn, I went to the nearby park to do some people watching.  It didn’t last too long — I don’t like the cold — but it was interesting to see the sudden rushes of people between classes, and the comparative quietness between them.  Also how quiet the people were in general, as they shuffled through the morning.

I was in before lunch, which was just some of the pasta.  I got caught up on my various online sites, and I changed another habit by pulling together some extra credit for the class later that day.  We were all dressing up (even though it was November 1st), and I pulled together the clothing I had to make a fallen angel costume.

I made it to class (by walking, using any sort of transportation between my apartment and urbn would just be silly and a waste of money).

Afterwards, I went grocery shopping with a friend.  We went to the Fresh Grocer.  Though I’d been there once before, this gave me a better chance to compare their selection and prices to the places I knew.  I’ll definitely be going there again soon.

After that we went to his house (where I’d also never been before) and watched a movie.  This was also interesting, and covered in a previous Brain Bank.

As for the mix of new experiences, they were a mixed bag.

I liked the Fresh Grocer and the movie was interesting.  The extra credit was fun, and certainly helpful.  People watching was fun for a bit, but won’t really be a thing I’ll jump to do again.

Waking up in the morning, though.  I’m not really functional and it isn’t fun or useful to me.  Also a big breakfast simply isn’t my thing.  I much prefer my usual slower mornings, letting my brain wake up and get to speed properly.


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