Brain Bank 6.3 | October 31, 2012

So we didn’t have power for all of yesterday.

But we did have an iPad.

Sometime last night my roommate’s sister started playing a game on the iPad.  It was pretty simple — you had a grid with different colored blocks, each block with a small shape.  Touch two blocks with the same shape to swap their locations.  If you got a group of four of the same color, they would disappear and you got points.

It was a single player game.  Until my roommate started playing as well, sitting by her and poking options her sister didn’t notice.  Then another roommate and I joined in, four sets of eyes and hands competing for the same combos.  It got pretty crazy, an unmeasured competition going on when we were really only working toward getting the single score as high as we could.

The way we had altered the game was very interesting, and certainly something to consider.


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