Creativity Exercise 04 | October 27, 2012

Define The Problem

  • What are you trying to say & why?

I wish to establish myself in the game creating community by creating a simple game with an interesting plot that is also fun to play.

  • Who are you talking to & why?

I am talking to my peers (both DIGM and CS students), as well as people in groups such as DGDG.

  • What can you say that the competition can’t & why

I put a focus on meaning and plot which is uncommon.

  • What is your reason for being?

To create something that reflects a truth of the universe.

Restructure Your Problem

  • Make it more global

I create a game that reflects some universal human thing like eating.

  • Make it more specific

I create a game that reflects the idea of growing up as a teenager in a small valley.

The 5 Whys

Who, What, When, Why, Where, How

  • Who: define the individuals/groups involved

Me, and the others I enlist for advice (all friends/peers)

  • What: define the objects involved

My laptop, with photoshop, maya, and whatever game engine I use.

  • When: define the timeline

I want to finish the game by the end of winter term.

  • Why: define the reason for the basic objective

Because making a game gets valuable experience and gets my name into the community.

  • Where: define the places/locations

My computer and the internet, with game sites like notdoppler and kongregate.

  • How: define how the situation developed, actions occuring, steps to be taken

I decided in sophomore year I wanted to make games, and here I am now.  I need to develop an idea, find a good engine, decide on a style, and then actually make the game.

Rephrase the Problem

  • Change the Words by turning nouns into verbs

Gamers should be interested in me.

  • Change the Words by turning verbs into nouns

Gaming by me.

Create a word chain

Game – play – sport – strategy – war – fight – win – triumph – flag – raise – plant

Make it a positive action statement

  • Remove all negative words or convert them to make the statement positive.

A game made by me will be fun and interesting.

  • The Action: The thing you want to do.

Make a game

  • The Object: A thing you want to change.

The non-existence of a game made by me

  • The Qualifier: The kind of change you want.

Something interesting

  • The End Result: The result you expect to follow

A fun and interesting game.

Switch perspective

  • look for polar opposites and imagine it from that perspective

Games are worthless and meaningless and there’s no point in making them.

DaVinci’s Multiple Perspectives

  • Define the problem from your point of view

I want to make a fun and interesting game

  • Write the statement from the perspective of at least two other people who are involved

Cassie makes a really interesting game and I help her to learn the code to do so.

  • Synthesize all into a single all-inclusive statement

Cassie makes a game and I tell her how to improve it.

Use questions

Isolate the challenge and dissect in in as many different ways as possible.

  • Why is it necessary?

Because I want to establish myself.

  • What is unknown?

What platform or style to use.

  • What do you not understand about it?

How to use different engines and what would be most appealing and interesting to people

  • What info do you have? Is it sufficient/redundant?

I have a year’s worth of classes and a little knowledge about some engines.

  • Can you draw the problem as a diagram?

not really

  • What are the boundaries?

my time and resources are low.  I don’t have much money

  • Have you seen the problem before? or something similar?

A bunch of people want to make games and a bunch of games aren’t successful.

  • What are the best/worst/predictible scenarios?

Best: unexpected hit darling that gets linked all over the internet.

Worst: never completed or ignored

Predictable: medeocre

Think of the problem as:

  • A living creature. What would it look like? Draw it.

It’s a shadowy beastie with claws that’s also somewhat cute in a way.

  • Being edible. What would it taste like?

A little bitter, a little meaty.

  • Being the top of something. What is underneath it?

hours of work and determination

  • Being a color. What color would it be and why?

a  greyish green

  • Being a sound. How would it sound? Loud or quiet?

the whirring of a computer

  • Being a texture. Describe it

A little rough, but in a good way

  • Define something beautiful about it.

It makes other people smile.


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