Chapter 9 — SCAMPER | October 21, 2012

Problem: I’m trying to make dinner but, but we’re missing milk for the sauce.

Substitute: We have vanilla soy milk but I don’t even need to test to know that won’t mesh well with tomato and Parmesan cheese.

Combine: if I were at home, there’d be some powdered milk I could mix up to use.  Alas, we are still getting sorted in our kitchen.

Adapt: There’s nothing I can use as a milk substitution.

Modify: I can’t think of a way to modify the recipe so milk is not needed.  I’m not that skilled a cook.

Put it to some other use: I could try to change the recipe to utilize the meat for more of the flavor and protein the milk is lacking in.

Eliminate: I could cut out the problem by going to 7-11 and buying milk.

Reverse: Or I could back up by making something else so the lack of milk was not a problem.

In the end, the simplest solution is sometimes the best.  I got milk at the store.

Two days later, two of my roommates have also picked up milk.  There are now three small jugs in the fridge and I hope they don’t go bad.

This was an interesting exercise to work through.  Most of the ideas I came up with could not be solved with my time and expertise.  However, they have given me food for thought as to new meals that I could try.



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