Chapter 24 — The Three B’s | October 21, 2012

So this week I was having a hard time coming up with something to do for my animation class.  Our assignment was to create a 15 second animation that took the watcher on a journey.  I didn’t know what to do — a roller coaster was to obvious, an outdoor environment was too complex.  I talked to others to get a feel for what they were doing, but nothing inspired me.  What kind of situation could be assembled in a week already busy with other work.

Since I was so busy — work study and CS classes in particular eating up my time, I knew I wouldn’t be able to even start working on my project until the end of the week.  So, with a loose deadline in place I allowed myself to go about my week.

It hit me at work, a few days later.  A cubicle environment would be easy to create — lots of repeated simple shapes, and would give me enough space for my camera to walk along for the desired time.  I could even incorporate rolling chairs into it.

Indeed, the idea worked out, though it ate up most of my weekend.

I am very satisfied with how this thinkertoy worked out, as it is pretty much in line with how I already solve problems.  If there’s time, get as far as you can and then just let the problem go.  The answer will come to you eventually.  It can be frustrating, though if the deadline is too tight.  Then my thinking feels restricted and I can’t work as well.


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