Chapter 28 — Dreamscapes | October 13, 2012

So I don’t often have dreams but I really like the idea of them.  So this week I pondered my question — how to keep myself interested in my new work study job (lots and lots of data entry).  And I had one dream this week!  But I only really remember one thing about it — I had a pack of direwolves.  We were running through a snowy wood.  The main focus was on two wolves — one grey and one almost white, but I had the special dream-knowledge that there were more, a whole pack at my command.

(Dire wolves are creatures from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.  They’re like regular wolves, but grow to the size of a small horse.

While the idea of maintaining a pack of giant wolves is really cool, it doesn’t seem to relate much to my problem.  Let me run it through the questions, though.

  • Direwolves don’t really relate to my co-workers, my “pack” would more likely be my family and friends.
  • The key players were me, and the two wolves.
  • The dream relates in that I have many packs in my life, of different levels of importance.  For example, there are my roommates, my friends in my major, my friends in CA, and my family.
  • The dream changes the nature of the question in that I’ve spent all this time trying to look for internal solutions to the problem, when maybe I should turn to my pack.
  • The “pack” element has inspired me to look more to the other people in my life for ideas to keep my mind engaged through the long hours of filing.
  • As I’ve said, the association from the dream is relating my wolf pack to my family and friends.
  • The answer from the dream: I will talk to the people around me to see how they cope in similar situations, and see if they have any advice.

This thinkertoy was surprisingly helpful, actually.  It demanded a level of creative interpretation much reminiscent of English class.  I had spent all this time thinking of things I could do all by myself, when there are plenty of people around me have been in similar situations.  The questions asked were a little repetitive, though.  I won’t be keeping the dream journal, though — I simply don’t have time in the mornings.


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