Chapter 15 — Transpacific Airline | October 13, 2012

(Or: Chapter 15 — The Great Transpacific Airline and Storm Door Company.)

What is our business?

  • Our business is games, games that make people think.


  • Computer games — physical copy
  • Computer games — download only
  • Console games — physical
  • Console games — download


  • like-minded gamers
  • other developers
  • schools?


  • entertainment
  • fostering thought
  • fostering discussion
  • teaching
  • advancing the ways games are used in our culture


  • Visuals
  • Audio
  • New mechanics


  • Insider information for customers
  • Forums to foster discussion
  • Conferences to discuss and promote

So our thinkertoys are supposed to be more about problems that are affecting us now, but I saw this and really liked it, and wanted to use it for my future career.  This meant I had to split it up in some interesting things, and have given me some things to think about.  Particularly the services and functions section.


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