Brain Bank 3.5 | October 12, 2012

Today’s Brain Bank comes from one of my favorite things on the radio — This American Life.  I heard this program today and it brought up a lot of memories.  The theme is “close encounters with death”, but the primary memory for me wasn’t my own near-drowning, but the time I broke my arm.

One of the stories is by a girl who got bitten by a shark when she was 13.  She got sewn up and everyone thought that was that, but as the night went on she started feeling even worse.  She insisted it was getting worse, but was dismissed.  Turns out some internal organs were pierced, and it was pretty touch and go for a while.

My story wasn’t a brush with death by any means — just a 6-year-old, falling from the monkey bars and landing wrong on her wrist.  Through the rest of the day I argued with my mom — I thought it was broken, she though my reaction wasn’t extreme enough, and that “broken” was just a kind of go-to injury.  Finally, a compromise — if it still hurt in the morning, we would go to the doctors.

Early the next morning, she prepared quietly, so she could go to work without waking anyone up.  But a lone figure stopped her — me, holding up my offending limb.  It took a while as it was still to early for most doctors to be open, but eventually we got a diagnosis — my right wrist was indeed broken.

I got a cast on for the rest of the summer, but the satisfaction for being right was worth it.


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