Brain Bank 3.2 | October 9, 2012

So my roommate’s been playing through Tales of Graces.  The only reason I’m not playing it myself, is watching him play means I see all the cutscenes and it feels slightly redundant to do my own playthrough when I’ll be seeing the exact same stuff.  Anyway, the game before today had a party of younger kids, and they finally aged up today.  And so today’s brain bank is the character design for Asbel Lhant, the game’s main character.

It’s really easy to go overboard when designing, especially for jrpgs.  And true, there is quite a bit going on in some areas — the sleeves in particular.  However, the design maintains a unified color palette and design elements, which keeps it from being too busy.  It is memorable and unique, yet it is still possible to imagine the character actually choosing to wear these clothes.


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