Chapter 22, Chilling Out | October 6, 2012

This exercise is very in-line with what I already do to solve problems.  So I used it this week without even knowing.

I was having some problems with some other homework — a certain piece of animation wasn’t looking right.  The more I thought the less sense I made.  It wasn’t due for several days, though, so I left it be and headed back to my apartment.

Once I was back there, I rewarded myself with some chill time.  Puttering around the living room with a drink, the answer suddenly hit me.  I knew what was going wrong, and setting it right was a simple matter.  I made myself a note on my phone to ensure I’d fix the problem and gave myself another pat on the back.

This is something I’m pretty good at.  I don’t know what it is about chilling out that makes the answer rise to the surface, but I’m not complaining.


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