Brain Bank 6.4

October 31, 2012
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Today’s brain bank was found at the train station in the wee hours of the morning (okay, like 8 something).

There were a selection of books sitting there to take and read.  Among the trashy paperbacks and boring coverless things sat a piece of my childhood.  A book, called The Girl With the Silver Eyes.  A fantasy novel I’d read in third grade.  I’d forgotten about it since then, but not forgotten the interest it sparked in me.  In the book, a girl develops magic powers and finds other like her.  While I was a little too young for Harry Potter, this is what kicked me into people with powers, got me thinking about it.  It’s something that continues today, and seeing the book again gave the ideas a little kick in my mind again.


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Brain Bank 6.3

October 31, 2012
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So we didn’t have power for all of yesterday.

But we did have an iPad.

Sometime last night my roommate’s sister started playing a game on the iPad.  It was pretty simple — you had a grid with different colored blocks, each block with a small shape.  Touch two blocks with the same shape to swap their locations.  If you got a group of four of the same color, they would disappear and you got points.

It was a single player game.  Until my roommate started playing as well, sitting by her and poking options her sister didn’t notice.  Then another roommate and I joined in, four sets of eyes and hands competing for the same combos.  It got pretty crazy, an unmeasured competition going on when we were really only working toward getting the single score as high as we could.

The way we had altered the game was very interesting, and certainly something to consider.

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Brain Bank 6.2

October 29, 2012
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Coming to you early because of FRANKENSTORM.  We lost power for about an hour and a half.

So my new experience for the day is evacuating a basement in preparation for the inevitable flooding.  It was hard work, but we all got through it together.

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Brain Bank 6.1

October 28, 2012
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Well today was interesting.  Found out classes were cancelled.  Within an hour of that we were offered the chance to spend the hurricane at my roommate’s house.

So this Brain Bank is dedicated to the sudden rush of a quick hurricane preparation and evacuation.  It’s a really new experience, and certainly interesting when the rain’s only just started.

Here’s hoping it blows over without flooding our first floor apartment.

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Creativity Exercise 04

October 27, 2012
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Define The Problem

  • What are you trying to say & why?

I wish to establish myself in the game creating community by creating a simple game with an interesting plot that is also fun to play.

  • Who are you talking to & why?

I am talking to my peers (both DIGM and CS students), as well as people in groups such as DGDG.

  • What can you say that the competition can’t & why

I put a focus on meaning and plot which is uncommon.

  • What is your reason for being?

To create something that reflects a truth of the universe.

Restructure Your Problem

  • Make it more global

I create a game that reflects some universal human thing like eating.

  • Make it more specific

I create a game that reflects the idea of growing up as a teenager in a small valley.

The 5 Whys

Who, What, When, Why, Where, How

  • Who: define the individuals/groups involved

Me, and the others I enlist for advice (all friends/peers)

  • What: define the objects involved

My laptop, with photoshop, maya, and whatever game engine I use.

  • When: define the timeline

I want to finish the game by the end of winter term.

  • Why: define the reason for the basic objective

Because making a game gets valuable experience and gets my name into the community.

  • Where: define the places/locations

My computer and the internet, with game sites like notdoppler and kongregate.

  • How: define how the situation developed, actions occuring, steps to be taken

I decided in sophomore year I wanted to make games, and here I am now.  I need to develop an idea, find a good engine, decide on a style, and then actually make the game.

Rephrase the Problem

  • Change the Words by turning nouns into verbs

Gamers should be interested in me.

  • Change the Words by turning verbs into nouns

Gaming by me.

Create a word chain

Game – play – sport – strategy – war – fight – win – triumph – flag – raise – plant

Make it a positive action statement

  • Remove all negative words or convert them to make the statement positive.

A game made by me will be fun and interesting.

  • The Action: The thing you want to do.

Make a game

  • The Object: A thing you want to change.

The non-existence of a game made by me

  • The Qualifier: The kind of change you want.

Something interesting

  • The End Result: The result you expect to follow

A fun and interesting game.

Switch perspective

  • look for polar opposites and imagine it from that perspective

Games are worthless and meaningless and there’s no point in making them.

DaVinci’s Multiple Perspectives

  • Define the problem from your point of view

I want to make a fun and interesting game

  • Write the statement from the perspective of at least two other people who are involved

Cassie makes a really interesting game and I help her to learn the code to do so.

  • Synthesize all into a single all-inclusive statement

Cassie makes a game and I tell her how to improve it.

Use questions

Isolate the challenge and dissect in in as many different ways as possible.

  • Why is it necessary?

Because I want to establish myself.

  • What is unknown?

What platform or style to use.

  • What do you not understand about it?

How to use different engines and what would be most appealing and interesting to people

  • What info do you have? Is it sufficient/redundant?

I have a year’s worth of classes and a little knowledge about some engines.

  • Can you draw the problem as a diagram?

not really

  • What are the boundaries?

my time and resources are low.  I don’t have much money

  • Have you seen the problem before? or something similar?

A bunch of people want to make games and a bunch of games aren’t successful.

  • What are the best/worst/predictible scenarios?

Best: unexpected hit darling that gets linked all over the internet.

Worst: never completed or ignored

Predictable: medeocre

Think of the problem as:

  • A living creature. What would it look like? Draw it.

It’s a shadowy beastie with claws that’s also somewhat cute in a way.

  • Being edible. What would it taste like?

A little bitter, a little meaty.

  • Being the top of something. What is underneath it?

hours of work and determination

  • Being a color. What color would it be and why?

a  greyish green

  • Being a sound. How would it sound? Loud or quiet?

the whirring of a computer

  • Being a texture. Describe it

A little rough, but in a good way

  • Define something beautiful about it.

It makes other people smile.

Chapter 8 — Think Bubbles

October 27, 2012
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Problem: animation assignment was super vague: use the techniques we covered in class (dealing with making facial expressions).

That was the whole assignment as presented and Iwas somewhat paralyzed with indecision, so!

some rejected ideas:

ghost tries to spook cat/bat only to get scared by it’s teeth (head too complicated)

something with my characters from my final (too complicated)


Final Idea:

Ghost teaches little ghost some spooking moves but then the little ghost gets scared away.


Overall not bad.  I liked the connecting of ideas and association.

Chapter 31 — Not Kansas

October 27, 2012
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So I have a friend who’s been pretty down lately.  I really want to cheer them up, but there’s a lot in their lives I can’t — and shouldn’t control.  Lots of people are putting too much pressure on them.  Still, I can tell they’re really down.  So, that’s the problem I will be tacking for this thinkertoy.

I went along with the Dakotas journey printed in the book, allowing myself to relax back and just record the images.

They were: grey damp mine buffalo sharp bleh bright crisp

On the paper: Falling down again.

The overall impression of the scene was very lonely, (and it also strongly resembled a class trip I had taken to Catalina island, but that’s a bit beside the point).  While I’m normally the more passive person in our social interactions — the shy introvert that I am — I should make more of an effort to reach out.  Text em funny things that happen during the day.  Maybe cook them some dinner sometime — who doesn’t like getting free food?

Overall I found this thinkertoy pretty silly.  The conclusion I reached admittedly isn’t anything earth shattering, but I actually found the image of the mine more interesting from an artistic standpoint.  Maybe I’ll draw it sometime.

Brain Bank 5.7

October 27, 2012
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Today’s brain bank comes in the form of a problem, and a solution.

Saturdays I work on Animation homework.  As in I go to the labs and I sit down and work for hours.  Today, I finally thought to bring food as opposed to going to the 7-11.

Armed with a pre-packaged bowl of pasta and sauce (just needing water and a microwave), I traveled to where I thought a microwave was…

Only to find a lonely electric kettle.

In place of adding water and microwaving for four minutes, I went a little easy on the water, straight from the kettle, and kept the plastic as a lid.

It was pretty watery and a little undercooked, but food is food, especially four hours into working.

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Brain Bank 5.6

October 26, 2012
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When troubled, I find it can be very helpful to see how others do things, and see if there’s any way their processes can be adapted.  Here’s a collection of different artists explaining the steps they go through.

From what I see the process doesn’t differ too much from person to person.  Still, seeing the slight ways they best tweak it for their art is very interesting.

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Brain Bank 5.5

October 25, 2012
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So today I went with a friend to a place I’d been meaning to try — Bobby’s Burger Palace.  We’re big food network fans back home.

All in all it was pretty good.  Good burgers, but they’re kind of hard to mess up.  Anyway, that’s not what this post is about.

The fries I got had several interesting dipping options.  In particular there was the fry sauce, which like thousand island but a little spicy, and the burger sauce.

That was the interesting one.  It was a little meaty, pretty salty.  My friend described it as the result of turning a burger into sauce, and I’m inclined to agree.

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