Dream Desk | September 25, 2012

My desk, as it is now, leaves a lot to be desired.  Four legs and flat surface, assembled by mine own two hands.  It doesn’t even have a drawer to its name.

In another reality, though… I’d have a desktop long and wide as my bed, at least.  Enough room for a state of the art computer with a half-dozen monitors and a tablet.  If my mood changed to a more physical art, so would my desk.  The monitors would all swing higher, out of the way, and the keyboard and mouse would slide to the side, leaving an expansive space for whatever project had captured my fancy (but keeping access to the computer so I could easily look up references, or for tunes to play as I work.

There’d be plenty of room below for my feet to kick around, bars at just the right feet to kick them up on as I focus.  Within my reach there’d be a wealth of drawers, small and large.  Inside all the drawers there’d be little compartments to further section them off, and ensure I’d have a place for everything.

As for the actual appearance of the desk, I could go either of two ways.  I could see a modern desk, angles rounded only enough to keep me from injuring myself on them.  Glass would cover the drawers, opening by only a tap as if there were some sort of modern magic (magnets, probably).

If not sleek  and modern, then my desk would look as though it was built a century ago, and built to last.  Dark wood with thick lines of black going through, a well placed knot for me to trace as I think.  Drawers with shiny metal handles.  When you pull a drawer out it might rumble a little but still slides out with ease.

No matter the style of desk, though, the chair would be amazing.  Plush dark leather, like sinking into a cloud.  It would support all the way to my head, but could be detached at several points, allowing me to ditch the headrest, or even the top section if I wanted to sit backwards and lean forward.  It would have wheels, of course, allowing me to get wherever I please without leaving its comfort.


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