Considering Layton | January 26, 2012

Being relatively cheap means that buying games new is something unusual.  Sure, sometimes I’ll splurge on the hottest release (my Mass Effect 3 preorder has been there since June) but most of the time I’ll wait until the price goes down a few notches, catching up on the classics of xbox 360 I wasn’t around for.

The Professor Layton series, all starting with “Professor Layton and the…” are my exception.  If I find another one has hit American shores (we have 4/6 of the games but no word on the movie or books) I buy it.  Sure, it may seem a little silly, a girl addicted to her puzzles, but it’s more than that.

One of my favorite parts of the series is its charm.  It’s not just about the puzzles, it’s about the ridiculous villagers handing out them, each with their own quirk.  The technology that is the same time impossible futuristic and settled nicely in the Victorian age.  It’s even about the fact that the games inevitably have some plot twist that is completely ridiculous.  (When I say that, I mean that there’s one game which I’m still trying to figure out how much/if it’s a hallucination.  Yeah.)

Games with such a charming, thought out world are just the thing to draw people in.


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