A Brief Introduction | January 18, 2012

Hello internet! So begins my blog, I suppose. I’m Cassie (current blog url’s a nickname until I think up something better), a freshman attending school on the east coast. My major is game art and production, which means I’m angling to make video games when I graduate. Hopefully I’ll become a concept artist or somesuch. In the meantime, I’m just another blogging art student.

I’ve been playing video games since my father brought home a Nintendo 64. I’ve played mostly role playing games (post-graduation may find me standing at the doors to Bioware’s offices yelling until they give me a job, Canadian weather or no) but I admit a slight addiction to puzzles as well (Professor Layton, anyone?).

Sometimes I over-think things, and sometimes those things make it into a text box. Not really planning ahead, though.


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